About us

One in a Million is a premium knit wear brand known to incorporate great design into the knits that reflect the urban lifestyle.  

So, calling all urban fashionistas! Craving knitwear that's both effortlessly stylish and cozy enough? One in a Million got you covered.

We are not your average knitwear brand – we elevate the game with impeccable craftsmanship and designs that reflect your style.

Think luxe yarns, woven into classic silhouettes like crewnecks, turtlenecks, and cardigans.

But we don't stop here! One in a Million keeps things fresh with on-trend oversized sweaters and statement pieces that let you showcase your individuality.

The color palette? A perfect blend of neutral tones like black, grey, blue and beige form the base, with pops of seasonal colors like emerald green or mustard yellow to add a touch of personality.

So, ditch the basic and elevate your everyday look with One in a Million's high-quality, urban-inspired knits.